100% reliable security system

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With Supervisor – complex security systems are integrated into one reliable and easy to use automated software, bringing clients a greater peace of mind.

01 Identify the issue

Imagine you had an important office and a warehouse to protect. What would you do?

You would need video surveillance, anti-burglary system and some sort of access control, so you can observe who goes in and out.  But, how do you monitor these systems? Do you need multiple security software interfaces – one for each system?

Image shows how Supervisor can protect critical infrastructure.

Different types of monitoring software are making security more complex and prone to human errors, which represents both a safety issue and an unnecessary complication.

To fully protect their clients, Tehnozavod Marusic wanted to integrate complex access control, visitor management, video surveillance, fire and gas safety, anti-burglary and audio systems. 

Since each of these systems has different devices and protocols which can’t be interconnected on their own, they needed a custom software for this precise use. 

Enter – Supervisor.

02 introduce the soulution

The most important demands we identified and delivered:

Quick integration and automatization of all new systems

Tehnozavod Marusic can now adapt new devices in a week. That is 4x faster than the competition, making Tehnozavod Marusic a leader in technical protection and safety.

Managing and communicating with devices

Devices are not only speaking to us, it goes both ways: we can tell them what to do, which ensures full control and protection.

Modular nature

Different clients need different security systems, and different people need access to different parts of Supervisor. That’s why its modular nature allows the client to fully customize it.

Perfect performance in real time, on one screen

Hundreds of locations, video and audio materials are presented on one screen in real-time. 

Easy to use

It comes in client’s local language, fully customizable to their needs and designed for all user types, from operators to system admins.

03 evolution of sUPERVISOR

Supervisor started as a building integration system that connected and analyzed alarm systems. Later, it started sending messages to devices.

Today, after years of updates, Supervisor is an automated software that receives, analyses and responds to different data and manages extremely complex security systems.

We would brag about them, but we’ve signed a pretty strong NDA. 🙂 

Supervisor evolved from an alarm analysis system to an advanced software with the ability to:

  1. display current security threats: video recording + map 
  2. manage and communicate with protection devices in real time – your security team can remotely put in motion everything you need to protect your assets 
  3. greet you personally, let you know exactly where you need to be and how to get there – all while making sure you don’t go anywhere you shouldn’t 

04 built to last

Supervisor today, after 7+ years of updates can ensure:

  • 100% reliability
  • 24/7 availability
  • confirmed by 20 000+ secured locations

Supervisor is an advanced, reliable and interactive software solution for the integration of a wide range of technical protection systems. It enables central monitoring, processing and management of system functionalities regardless of location, and represents a superb example of Internet of Things application.

If you want to develop complex software that will change the way you do business – hit us up.