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We got you covered

The real work begins only after your software has launched. Unexpected events in day-to-day operations and constant changes in the business environment can significantly reduce your efficiency.

That’s why we offer our support service. Our service is designed to quickly provide a solution when you have any problem or need assistance with anything.

What does the support service include?

When we say we offer help with any problem, we really mean it. The support service includes any activities that help you get the most out of your software.

Here are some examples:

  • Want to make a change in software that will greatly improve your efficiency? No problem! We’ll come up with a solution and upgrade your software.
  • Has there been a change in third-party software? Don’t worry, we will adjust your software so you can continue to operate efficiently.
  • We will devise and publish content that will engage your visitors or employees. For example, articles, news, etc.
  • Don’t worry about security updates. We monitor new releases and update your software in a timely manner.
  • We will monitor and renew domains, SSL certificates, third-party services, etc.

Whatever you may need, we are at your disposal.

Response Speed

If you sign up for our support service, we will provide you with priority access and quick responses. Our SLA by default defines:

  • Confirmation of receipt of the report: within a maximum of 2 hours from the report, but within our working hours.
  • Starting work on resolving the report:
    • High-priority reports: within a maximum of 2 hours from the report, but within our working hours.
    • Normal priority reports: within a maximum of 2 working days from the report, but within our working hours.

We consider a high-priority report to be a situation where the system is not working and is preventing you from doing your job.

Times within the SLA can be 100% adapted to your needs.

If you have not contracted the support service, then the SLA does not apply. This means that we will gladly resolve your report, but at a time when the first time slot becomes available.


To enable quick response times, developers must always be on standby. This means you reserve a certain number of developer hours each month.

Reserved hours are paid for each month, but with a 20% discount. Unused hours do not carry over to the next month.

If our activities require more working hours than you have reserved, that will not be a problem. Hours spent above the reserved hours are then charged at the full rate.

It’s best to give an example:

For instance, you reserve 16 developer hours each month. We will bill you for those hours each month, but with a 20% discount.

If you sometimes need more than those 16 hours, that won’t be a problem. We will perform all tasks according to your request, but all hours above the initial reserved 16 will be charged at the full hourly rate.


Software operates within a complex business system. Practice shows that clients need various types of support after the initial launch of the software.

Enterwell’s support service is here to provide you with assistance for any challenge that may arise on your business journey.

With our 7-year warranty and dynamic support service, your software will not only work excellently but will adapt to all business challenges over the years.