Marin Glibić
May 19, 2023


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Looking for the right partner

Selecting the right partner is often the difference between success or failure. There are many options out there so we want to make this easy for you.

Send us an email with some basic information and relax. We will check everything and come back to you with concrete information and next steps.

This is all totally free and without any obligations for you.

Duration: 3-5 business days


  • You tell us about your project, goals and timeline
  • We go over the materials and gather additional information
  • If needed, we will arrange a quick meeting


  • A plan for delivering your product
  • Initial estimates for time and money


Tell us about your project

Describe your project in couple of sentences. Don’t sweat too much about it, write whatever comes to your mind.

Tell us about the people who will be using your project and about the goals you want to achieve.

And lastly, tell us your timeline. When can you start and when would you like the project to be finished?

We’ll take it from there

Your part is over for now. We’ll confirm we received your email and we’ll start working on it within 1 business day.

We will examine everything you have sent us. We will do our own research and find the relevant information regarding your product and market.

If needed, we will contact you and arrange a video-call or in-person meeting. Whichever you prefer.

Initial estimates

At the end of this phase we will present you with step-by-step plan to successfully deliver your project.

You will also receive our initial time and cost estimates. These are ballpark estimates that can give you a good idea about how much your project will cost and how long will it take to build it.


You decide if we are a good fit

About this time you will know how we plan to deliver your project and you will have a good idea about the time and costs.

Take your time and think about wheater we would be a good partner for you.

We start working together

If you decide that we will work together, we will set the start date, sign initial paperwork and we are ready to go.

Next steps

In next phase, together we will dig into the details of the project. We will test all assumptions, ask important questions and mitigate risks early.

During the discovery phase we could discover that the project is more complex then either of us initially thought. In that case, our time and cost estimates can also change.