Are they dangerous?

Concerning cookies

Marin Glibić
January 23, 2024

01 Everyone gets a cookie?

Enterwell’s website does not use cookies by default.
If you somehow manage to provoke the website to give you a cookie, that cookie will be of a necessary first-party technical type.

Almost every website on the internet uses cookies to save basic information about the specific visitor of the website.
And that is perfectly fine – as long as you are respecting your visitor’s privacy.

For example, if you visit a website from Europe you will probably see the notification informing you about how they use cookies. You don’t want to read that so you just click the biggest button in hope that this notification will disappear.
As soon as you hit that button, the website gives you a cookie with the information that you already accepted their cookie policy. So the next time when you visit the website, the notification will not appear.

You see, in order to show you the message about cookies, the website needs to use cookies. Funny, but ok. Cookies are also used for logins, saving you light/dark theme preferences, etc.

But, this is where it can get dark.
Any website can within itself, insert the scripts from other pages. And you may not even know about it. This gives the third-parties an option to track your behavior. While they are tracking you, they also give you a cookie with an unique ID. Now, if you visit other sites that also use these scripts from the same place, they can keep following you because of the unique ID cookie they gave you. Do this a lot, and you end up being tracked all over the internet.

Now imagine that third-party is a big company that doesn’t have good intentions. They can easily track you over a vast number of websites and exploit the data against your best interest.

Make note that this is NOT a cookie problem. Cookies are just the easiest way to do it.

If you want to read more, take a look at cookies section on our Privacy policy page. 😎