Why we asked AI to change our name

Lorena Ouahchia
August 31, 2023


It was just another night for Donald Glover; now the multi-talented actor, comedian and musician – then the multi-talented college student.

He was chilling with his friends, laughing and joking around when they decided to have even more fun, by putting their names in the Wu Tang online name generator. (Remember when those ruled the internet? 😂)

He put Donald Glover in, and got two random words out. Childish Gambino. And he said to his friends: “It’s not funny anymore. This is really big!” 

Fast forward to 2019 and he is the first rapper in history to win the Grammy for Song of the Year. Under the online generated stage name. 

Image is showing the Wu-Tang name generator Donald Glover used to get his stage name Childish Gambino.
Source: Wu-Tang Names Generator

Why are you telling me all this, you might ask? 

Well, the story with our name is very similar to this one. Minus the Grammys, Emmys and all that jazz. 


Story time

We decided to open our software company almost 10 years ago. Fresh out of university, motivated and eager to begin, we got everything in place, ready to start the company.

Everything but…our name

Our tech wired brains entrusted this task to a software. It was an online business name generator that popped out after a quick online search. Similar to the one Donald aka Childish Gambino used. There were two things we had to do:

  • answer the question about what we wanted to do with our company
  • write the name(s) of the companies we worked with

We wrote “enterprise software” and “Honeywell“. And we got a name – WellEnter. So, we just rearranged the two because Enterwell sounded and looked better.

That was that. We registered the name, started working and didn’t look back. 

At least until this year.  

Image is showing Enterwell's branding The word "new" is written in the design.

03 artificial intelligence

Enter the AI

It was when we started to work on our brand refresh that we thought about what our name means to us. We’ve written down our mission, values, goals, target audience and started looking if our name reflected them. 

After some time one of us suggested testing it out with technology. The online name generator of 2023 was a more sophisticated, nuanced and vivacious form of software. Of course, it’s ChatGPT

We started by typing out the reason behind our interaction. 

Image is showing the start of the conversation with the Open AI word generator ChatGPT.
Source: Open AI

Then we gave ChatGPT the information it requested about our company’s values, target audience and all the details we’ve gathered beforehand. That way we made sure its suggestions will be on brand for us.

First we didn’t reveal our name but asked for a short and catchy name. We added “efficiency” as a keyword. This is what we got.

Image is showing first results of our name test with ChatGPT.
First results of our name test with ChatGPT.

Maybe the suggestions will be better if we tell the AI our company name? We tried that.

Image is showing the second result of our name test with ChatGPT, after we added our company name Enterwell.
Second results of our name test with ChatGPT, after we added our company name Enterwell.

The suggestions were interesting, but similar to the previous ones. They reflected the information we provided. The word “efficiency” was incorporated into every suggestion but it just didn’t work. None of the names spoke to us.

It’s not that we don’t think the AI did a good job or that the suggestions weren’t creative (EffiQuest sounds kind of fun). It’s just that we couldn’t imagine Enterwell being anything other than well, Enterwell. 

The bottom line

We’ll stick to our name for the time being. All in all, it’s exciting to see technologies developing. We’ll continue to follow all the novelties and trends of the digital world.

Enter it well with us! (See, our name totally works! 😎) 

P.S. The cover image for this article is brought to you by another AI, DALL-E. Our designers wanted to test it out. They played around with it until they landed on the wining prompt. It goes like this: Painting of Childish Gambino portrait typing on a typewriter painted in Michelangelo-style.

How do you like it?