Hot awards season, hot prize

Lorena Ouahchia
April 19, 2024
12.04.2024., Rovinj – 10. Dani komunikacija 2024. u Rovinju. – Beach afterparty


Mid April a small part of our team set sail towards the coast of Croatia. Destination – the Istrian pearl Rovinj, hometown of many views and even more festivals.

We attended the DK2024 (Dani komunikacija), an out-of-the-box festival that gathers creatives, marketers, advertisers and digital industry leaders. 

01 dk recap

How was it?

The buzz around this year’s edition was pretty loud and it wasn’t just because the turn-out (as we heard) was record breaking. One of the most important parts of the festival that make DK what it is are the speakers and their talks. With 163 speakers, 123 partner companies, and 70+ events spread across 7 venues, there was something for everyone.

As a team, we wisited DK for the first time so we raced to see as many talks as possible. Here’s a short list of quotes we’ve noted from them. 

A good life is complex. People today are too timid. Don’t live just in the moment, think more long term rather than short. 

Dan Ariely, psychology professor and world leading expert on behavioral economics

The greatest sin any marketing expert can commit is creating content that leaves the audience indifferent.

The key is to find a way to create content that evokes emotions – and telling our own story brings us closer to the community.

Alex Partridge, founder of UNILAD and LADbible
Private photo, in front of the main building

If you’re making a living as an artist then you are truly performing a miracle.

Society is not built for us to thrive and no matter what you create or how little you may be getting by – I see you.

Timothy Goodman, artist, designer, illustrator
Private photo, our Head of creative Antonija Lasić and Timothy Goodman

The way I envision the era of neural implants is that the same protections we currently use for cookies, privacy and authentication will be assigned to neural implants that we will all use.

Unfortunately, I currently see that most of the interest in these devices comes from large technology corporations that see the potential for dominance in this future area by being the first to access it.

If these companies are the main users, then I imagine the scenarios are less favorable for people.

Moran Cerf, neuroscientist 

03 win win

Hot prizes

One of the main reasons we were there were the Award ceremonies. 😊

Our project – the Vegeta website redesign was shortlisted for MIXX Awards, which recognizes and celebrates the best digital advertising campaigns and digital platforms within market communications.

Awards ceremony, author: Emica Elveđi/PIXSELL

Also, we were nominated as a strategic partner for the digital agency Kofein for the Effie Award, which celebrates the most effective marketing practices and activities which yield great market results. The campaign “Ketching up with ketchup” got a bronze it the food category.

Our team was in charge of the website for the campaign and we thank our client Podravka and he whole Kofein team for the chance to be a part of this project.

Awards ceremony, author: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

All in all, it was a great April for all of us here at Enterwell. A good boost for new projects we’re working on. More on that very soon. 

Wishing you all a great May and even greater quarter! 😀

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