Vegeta’s CSR Campaign

A recipe for giving back

Lorena Ouahchia
September 21, 2023

Podravka’s Vegeta “Donate and renovate school kitchens” corporate social responsibility campaign, draws over a million visitors and engages 250,000 users online.

As the calendar edged closer to September, we all felt the days growing shorter. The promise of a new school year was just around the corner. Now, a few weeks into the academic season, we think it’s the right time to shed light on a remarkable project we’ve had the privilege of being a part of this year.

01 the why

A piece of context

In late 2022, the Croatian government introduced a significant policy allowing all elementary school students access to free meals. However, a substantial challenge emerged – approximately 40% of Croatian elementary schools lacked the essential infrastructure to provide students with nutritious and warm meals at that time.

Podravka is always committed to bringing products of the best quality, as well as taking care of the community. This time Podravka took the initiative to raise awareness about the issue of quality and balanced school nutrition and also to mobilize the community.

02 client brief

Nutritionally rich school meals for everyone

Podravka’s Vegeta team approached us with a clear cause – they wanted to renovate dining halls and kitchens in Croatian elementary schools, making them fit for preparing nutritious meals. To achieve this, they pledged to donate 10 cents from every purchase of their iconic blue Vegeta packaging. 

Our mission was to build a strong online website that will: 

  • Present the goal of the campaign 
  • Activate the online community
  • Support and present all school applications
  • Educate about the importance of a balanced school nutrition program 

The results were exceptional! The campaign brought over a million visitors online and engaged more than 250,000 users. 


The course of the campaign

1. More than expected 

Vegeta’s call for change resonated across Croatia, with over 150 schools sending in their video and written applications to participate in the competition. 

To put it in perspective, Vegeta had cautiously set their Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for applications at 30, considering it was the first campaign of this kind. However, the remarkable final count of 153 applications far exceeded those expectations. 

2. Top 10 finalists

From these heartfelt applications, ten schools were selected as finalists. The idea was that the top three finalists will split the prize money equally and renovate their school kitchens and dining halls.

The amount of funds that were collected through Vegeta’s blue packaging sales was 37,000 euros!

3. The choice of the community

From March 20 to 30, citizens across Croatia were trusted to choose which three schools would receive the prize money. The entire process was made easy through a dedicated website.

Users could vote once a day, as stated in the rules. The support from the community was coming in through the votes, multiple times a day, and we’ve put mechanisms in place to make sure that the voting process is legitimate for every school in the competition.

The community truly stepped up, demonstrating their sincere concern for our schools and the quality of those school meals. And you know what? Vegeta listened.

4. Let’s double the impact

After seeing the overwhelming support of the community, Vegeta decided to deepen the impact of this campaign.

In a true show of generosity, they doubled the amount collected through a special sales campaign, enabling them to assist in renovating not just the top three schools but all 10 finalists!

04 double it

Great need comes with greater funds

Podravka’s Vegeta and the citizens who joined the cause, raised 74,000 euros! A substantial sum that will help change the meals of schoolchildren. 

  • Top three schools: These schools, with the highest number of votes, shared a significant portion of the funds – a total of 37,000 euros – thanks to the sales campaign.
  • Remaining seven schools: The remaining funds were divided equally among these schools, ensuring that each received a fair share of the generosity.


Inspired to make an impact

The Vegeta “Donate and renovate school kitchens” campaign wasn’t just about providing the infrastructure. It was about nourishing the future of Croatia. Through a warm blend of community support and creative marketing, this initiative showcased the power of kindness – one blue Vegeta packet at a time.

Thank you to our client, Vegeta, for inviting us to be a part of this inspiring journey.