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Windows WordPress Development Workflow (WWDW)

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and it runs around 10 million websites (January 2015). It offers a simple and understandable admin dashboard where users who are not very familiar with editing and managing web sites can easily manage website’s content. WordPress also offers many possibilites to advanced users, and it can be extended by various themes and plugins so it fits everyones needs.

WordPress at Enterwell

Here at Enterwell we develop custom WordPress solutions (themes and plugins) for the needs of our clients so we needed a good workflow to make deployment and all other processes related to web development easy.

Important thing in WordPress development is keeping everything up to date. Every month new versions of themes, plugins and WordPress itself are released, and it’s important to keep track of all changes.

After the first few projects we noticed that there’s no good tool to deploy WordPress projects to production from Windows machines. Our friends who use Mac have their one-command deployment systems and everything that they do is nice, fast and elegant. We wanted that too, but on Windows. We like Windows 🙂

We did a research and found the rocketeer – a great tool for linux based systems that did almost everything we needed. We found a way to make it work on Windows and in this series of blog posts we will show you how to set up and use our workflow. Other blog posts in the title have abbreviation of this long title – Windows WordPress Development Wrokflow – WWDW 😀

All steps required are described in these 4 blog posts:

Part I : Server Configuration

This blog post is a tutorial about how to prepare your fresh web server for installing everything you need for your WordPress project. It starts from fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (with nothing else installed) and guides you through the process of installing every component required by WordPress and rocketeer.

Part II : Create A New Site

This blog post shows how to add a new site to your apache installation on a fresh web server.

Part III : Rocketeer

Everything you need to know about rocketeer and how to set it up is explained in this blog post.

Part IV : Enterwell’s way

This blog post describes our workflow, how we use the rocketeer and what we did to adapt it to our needs.

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