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SpinalSolutions is company from USA specialized in production of different kinds of medical orthosis.


Client asked us to create a digital order management system that will help them to organize their business processes and boost their productivity. The system should be available from any device within their offices and factory. In addition, doctors should be able to use the system to submit orders from hospitals, immediately after they finish examining their patients.


We made a web-based system that is adjustable to every device that our client has in their office or factory. Doctors can examine their patients outside their office and immediately input the data directly into the application. Managers in the client’s office will receive notifications of new orders in real time. Manufacturing department can use all the data they need to make their products and they can update the status of doctor's orders.

Whole system available from any device within our client’s company

Features we developed

Easy ordering process for doctors even outside the office

Simple order approval system

Activity log for order’s actions

Printing out the orders

3D model preview directly from a web-browser

Powerful and simple user and privilege management

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