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CROZ is a company which specializes in the development of a custom software in the complex environments.

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Our partner came to us with a request for a new state of the art website that will keep all of the old content and add something new. Solution needed to have multiple sites and it needed to be multilingual. In addition, our partner wanted centralized and simple content management.


We developed a WordPress based network enhanced with multilingual plugins. With a custom WordPress plugin we enabled our partner to simply manage all of their content from a single centralized page. Solution has an automatic related content recommendation system that can be adjusted to user’s preferences. As always, website is responsive and available on any desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Responsive web page available from any device

Features we developed

Company’s blog and news combined on the front page.

Latest projects combined with testimonials from happy clients.

Educational events organized by our partner

Simple and centralized administration

Intuitive user interface that makes multilingual content management so easy

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