Published 14.10.2020.

We are looking for a junior .NET developer who loves the elegance of C# and wants to become a bad-ass senior developer one day.

If you are finishing (or have recently finished) the college and you want to put your knowledge to a practical use, this is the perfect opportunity.

Here at Enterwell we design and develop the nicest and the most useful software that help our clients in their everyday work. We build software for everyone: from core enterprise systems for telecom to a full product for employee engagement measurement.

What will you do?

You will work on a technical security platform which integrates variety of IoT devices and adds powerful business logic layer on top of everything. You will integrate video surveillance, access control, fire alarms and many other systems in one finely tuned product. And you will have the opportunity to use all major technologies in .NET ecosystem. If you are interested, you will also have an opportunity to work with React.

If you still have academic obligations – don’t worry! We are flexible and we will make arrangements that work for everyone.

The place of work

Well, we have two possibilities here

Zagreb office

We recently moved into our new office. It’s 5 minutes away from FER or Dražen Petrović square and if you ask us it’s pretty nice. Stylish, comfortable and all that.

Here, take a look:

Mostar office

MostarPhoto by Yu Siang Teo on Unsplash

Yeah, that’s right. We opened a brand new office in Mostar, BiH. We are just starting there and this is your opportunity to be included in the beginning of this new and amazing software endeavor.

We are offering

  • Competitive salary
  • Top-quality work equipment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work possibility upon agreement
  • Training program that will set you up for all the challenges that lay ahead
  • Constant opportunity for improvements
  • Exciting ways to acquire great knowledge and experience
  • Relaxed working atmosphere
  • Work on most interesting and challenging projects
  • Fun times and team buildings 🍻
  • Your own plant that will grow and evolve by your side 🌼
  • Best co-workers in the world 😎

We expect that

  • You enjoy using C# (or Java, or something similar 🙂 )
  • You know what OOP is and you can apply its wisdom to everyday development
  • You have basic knowledge about databases
  • You have basic knowledge about Microsoft MVC and Web API frameworks
  • You know your way around HTML, (S)CSS and JavaScript
  • You always tend to improve your knowledge and skills
  • You like what you do (otherwise, what’s the point?)
  • You have problem-solving mentality
  • You are enjoyable to work with 😉

If you don’t have experience with something, but you are talented and willing to learn and to make an effort, that’s great! We are always looking for talented people and if we like you, we are sure that we can find a great job for you.

Here is our old post about how to become C# developer:

You have an advantage if

  • You created projects in C# (personal projects, college projects, etc.)
    • As we said earlier, Java or something similar is also ok 😄
  • You present your git repositories or source code samples
  • You know when to use inheritance and when to use interfaces 😉
  • You know what design patterns are 😎
  • When you are confronted with the challenge you find solutions, not excuses 😎

Random pictures

Apply for the job

Send us an email to with following info:

  • Your contact info
  • Something about yourself
  • Something about your skills and education
  • Why do you want to work with us 🙂 (in a few sentences)
  • Links to your github, repositories, source codes, etc.

This page is in English only because everything else on our website is in English. Please feel free to contact us in Croatian if you like. 😎

Your personal data will be used for processing your job application only. You will be informed if you got the job or not and we will delete your personal data not later than one month after your application is received.

Apply for the job

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