Published 12.07.2016.

We are looking for a new frontend developer to join our team. If HTML is your markup language of choice, if you believe that CSS must not be written, but built, and above all, if you are sure that JavaScript will soon run everything, even your fridge – then we want you in our team!
Here at Enterwell, we develop the nicest and the most useful software that helps our clients in their everyday work. We build software for everyone: from awesome beverage dealers from Switzerland to some of the greatest enterprises in this part of the world.

Best of all, we are a young team that works hard but also doesn’t miss the opportunity to have fun. Location of our office is very convenient – 10 minutes away from everything.

What will you do?

You will work on the most interesting web-apps and websites that are custom built for our clients in order to help them achieve their business goals. Our job is dynamic and you can be sure that you will gain valuable experience from which you can benefit both as a person and as a developer. You will have opportunity to work with some of the leading companies in the business.

We expect that

  • You have good skills in HTML5, CSS (SCSS/SASS or LESS)
  • You have good skills in JavaScript and jQuery
  • You have experience with responsive web
  • You enjoy making beautiful web experiences
  • You have basic knowledge about git
  • You always tend to improve your knowledge and skills
  • You like what you do (otherwise, what’s the point?)
  • You are enjoyable to work with 😉

If you don’t have experience with something, but you are talented and willing to learn and to make an effort, that’s great! We are always looking for talented people and if we like you, we are sure that we can find a great job for you.

We are offering

  • Competitive salary
  • Top-quality work equipment
  • Constant opportunity for improvements
  • Exciting ways to acquire great knowledge and experience
  • Relaxed working atmosphere
  • Work on most interesting and challenging projects
  • Fun times and team buildings
  • Best co-workers in the world 😉

You have an advantage if

  • You have experience with frameworks like React or Angular
  • You know the basics of OOP and software design patterns
  • You have experience with Node.js
  • You have experience with task runners like Webpack or Gulp
  • You have created some web projects (personal projects, college projects, etc.)
  • You present your git repositories or source code samples
  • You follow current web development trends and best practices

Random pictures from Enterwell

Apply for the job

Send us an email to with following info:

  • Your contact info
  • Something about yourself
  • Why do you want to work with us 🙂 (in a few sentences)
  • Links to your github, repositories, source codes, etc.

Apply for the job

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