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How to become a C# backend developer

We decided to write a blog post that will hopefully help our young colleagues to gain skills that will get them jobs in our ever growing and most interesting IT industry. I assume that you know how to start your IDE and write a simple Hello World program at least. Also, I assume that you are ready for the challenge and that you can google everything from this tutorial that you want to know more about.


Windows WordPress Development Workflow (WWDW)

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and it runs around 10 million websites (January 2015). It offers a simple and understandable admin dashboard where users who are not very familiar with editing and managing web sites can easily manage website’s content. WordPress also offers many possibilites to advanced users, and it can […]


WWDW Part IV : The Enterwell’s way of WordPress

I set up everything, what now ? Following this tutorial so far you have installed and configured a new server, added a new site and set up rocketeer so now you can deploy your website by simply calling deploy command. After using rocketeer in a few projects we noticed that there are a few things that could be automated using rocketeer. We […]


Sedam koraka za osnivanje firme u Hrvatskoj

Prvi izazov s kojim smo se susreli bilo je osnivanje firme, stoga ćemo tome posvetiti prvi blog post. Budući da je internet pretrpan svakakvim informacijama, teško je razlučiti koje od tih informacija su točne, koje su zastarjele, a koje nikada nisu ni bile točne. U ovom tekstu ćemo pojasniti sve korake koji su nam bili potrebni […]